President Biden made a speech yesterday mandating businesses across the nation with more than 100 employees get employees vaccinated. This mandate has no official deadline quite yet but comes when the Delta variant of COVID 19 is sweeping across the nation causing a thousand deaths a day. Also included in recent mandates for vaccination include government workers and government contractors.

What businesses will be impacted by this decision? Here's a list of 100 companies headquartered in the State of Maine, based on information gathered from, that have more than 100 employees. These businesses will have to have employees vaccinated at some point due to the recent Biden mandate.

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Businesses on the list are located across the State of Maine but do seem to be predominantly from the Southern Maine region, with a few exceptions up in the County (including the #1 employer with the most employees in the State of Maine for Maine businesses) and in Penobscot.

The top employer on the list that is based in the State of Maine is J.D. Irving, a timber harvesting and manufacturing company based out of the northern most point of Maine. It employs twice the amount of workers than the runner up on the list and is based out of St. John.

Check out our list below which includes many types of industries centered around health, education, and manufacturing that are based in the Pine Tree State and who employees many Mainers.

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