I don't think the Bangor area realizes all of the amazing things that the little town of Orono has to offer.

We are used to its "college town" status but there's so much to offer for the people living in and around Orono that it's absurd to think of it as a place made just for college kids.

In fact, when I started building a list of all the things Orono does offer for things to do, places to hike, businesses to visit, ways to be entertained, I became pretty overwhelmed because THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF!

This is a good problem to have if you are looking for something to do because Orono can offer nature walks for dayzzzz, educational opportunites for dayzzzz, entertainment events for dayzzz and lots of really, really, REALLY great beer and food.

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This list was really hard to narrow down and pick just twenty-five things. In fact, this list should be more like 'A Hundred Ways to Enjoy Orono' but, maybe we'll save that for another time.

For now, check out the hikes you can take, the gardens to visit, the Hollywood, the Universe, and lots and lots of beer options in this little New England college town near Bangor. It provides variety for young people, fun things for families and a great place to continue a life of learning for older adults.

Here are 25 places to visit in the University town of Orono to find your local adventure.

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