One of the most anticipated Maine attractions in the fall season is back and ready to take those who dare on an extraterrestrial adventure.

The new Fright at the Fort commercial is here and announces this years theme of 'Out of This World'. A UFO crash, aliens and astronauts are an addition to the always spooky halls of Prospect's historic Fort Knox.

Of course favorites like the evil Klowns and masked men with chainsaws will be back and waiting in the dark as well. While the spooks can't touch you, there is plenty to jump you!

Fright at the Fort begins October 15th and will continue October 21-22 and 28-29. The event begins at 5:30PM and is open until 9PM. With more than 10,000 attendees in 5 nights last year, hundreds are expected each night so be sure to arrive no later than 8:30PM to assure you get to experience the fright!

Express tickets are available to take you to the front of the line. More details and to purchase express tickets here.

As always Fright at the Fort is looking for volunteers for tour guides, spooks, extraterrestrials, and more. To help Fright at the Fort be the best it can be help by volunteering here!