According to News Center Maine, two schools in southern Maine had to shut down today because of the severity of flu season. Edna Libby Elementary School in Standish, and Sanford Christian Academy both had to shut down because of the rampant spread of flu in their schools.

Both schools had such an issue with faculty and students calling out, that after consulting with the Maine CDC, the decision was made to close up shop so they could ride out the CDC's recommended incubation period for flu, which is three days. They chose to close today, because with the weekend, it was easier to nail the 3 day period.

Sanford Chirstian Academy put this on their Facebook page:

There will be NO school tomorrow!! The flu has spread rapidly through the school and with so many kids and teachers calling out sick, we believe it is a good idea to take the day to disinfect everything. There will be no school, but the remaining teachers who are healthy need to come to their classrooms to disinfect and Lysol everything! Have a great day off, wash your hands, and stay healthy!

So it sounds like the remaining teachers and staff who aren't sick certainly have their work cut out for them. I have a relative that works in the Bangor school system, and that person said that thankfully, it hasn't reached those kinds of levels here in Bangor. It's all about the hand washing, cough & sneeze covering, and staying home when you're sick.


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