L.L. Bean stuff lasts forever, and here's proof.

I recently took my L.L. Bean barn jacket to Goodwill. That got me thinking...

My Beans barn jacket had to have been at least 30 years old! It was in great shape - just not MY shape anymore. It was sad departing with such a memory-filled jacket.

When I got my first Beans barn jacket, I felt like a real Mainer. I wore that thing to anything and everything. I loved it.

Here's where my brain got to thinking. If I had a Beans barn coat in pretty good shape, what do Mainers have from L.L. Bean that is old and they still use?

15 Items Mainers Have From LL Bean That Could Be Older Than You

It's hard to believe that L.L. Bean has a history that's over 100 years old, too.

Can you believe that, according to L.L. Bean's website, the Maine Hunting Shoe was invented in 1911?

And then 100 years later we get the classic Bootmobile in 2012, L.L. Bean's website states.

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That's not to mention this outdoor store is still going strong and has a true connection with Maine.

What kind of gear from L.L. Bean do you still have? Anything that you've got that should have been on this list? Have you got a jacket that was older than mine you're still using?

Let us know!

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