We're a very unique crowd here in Maine, and darn proud of it!  And, if you scour Instagram, the proof is in the pictures. Check out what we found!

From a bathroom reserved for only big foot to a boot on wheels, these pictures really do tell the story of the people who reside here. Here's just a small sampling of what amused us most, and we hope that you get a chuckle out of them too!

Sex, drugs and lobster rolls. We're far too sorry that we didn't think of this first!

Even after seeing this famous boot cruising down Route 3 numerous times, it still amuses us!

Remember that scene in Any Given Sunday where the huge drugged out football player had to take a dump and found the stall occupied?  We'd be afraid to use this outhouse just for that reason.

Ever been to Dysart's restaurant out on Broadway in Bangor?  They have an old snowmobile hanging over one of the tables.  We sat there once, and then never again.  Wonder if the owner of this Ford has done this more than once.  It's Maine, so we're betting the answer is yes.

Yup, Timber Tina out on the Bar Harbor Road in Trenton will show you how it's done, and give you a big "Yo-Ho" at the same time!  You'll have to ask her what that means.

Like we said at the beginning, we're a proud lot.

We've seen two cows doing this in a field.  Wonder if it's the same thing?

And it's not even registered.

We think that a famous author lives here.  We'd read one of his books, but we're not a dog.

Yup, you have to give the big execs from Walmart a lot of credit.  They really put forth the effort to localize their stores.

Bring a very big pot, you're gonna need it.

We know the summers go by quickly. We're prepared.