Out of data in the Queen City? Well you're not out of luck because Bangor has many places where you can access free Wi-Fi.

Getty Images, Spencer Platt
Getty Images, Spencer Platt

With the recent power outages you may have found you rely a lot on the internet and all that comes with it. So where can you go when you work from home and have no internet, or you want to work while you eat, or you're Facebook creeping your crush. Whatever your reason for needing Wi-Fi, here are some places we found that offer a free connection.

Bagel Central- We love the window bar that's perfect for people on their laptops.

Bangor International Airport- Waiting for arrivals or to depart, enjoying the cafe, or visiting the new Troop Greeters Museum, feel free to use the airports Wi-Fi!

Bangor Library- This is a great quiet place with plenty of options for a spot to sit and use the wifi, chairs, tables, or nooks on a stool. Wherever you are Wi-Fi will be there.

Bangor Mall- It's already holiday shopping time and you my find yourself in the mall more often than normal, but there is free Wi-Fi there!

Eastern Maine Medical Center- We wouldn't recommend going here every day to do your work on their Wi-Fi, but if you happen to be there, take advantage of the Wi-Fi.

McDonald's- Almost every McDonald's location in the country has free Wi-Fi with Bangor no exception!

Target- They started adding free Wi-Fi to your shopping experience in 2012.

Tim Horton's- Free Wi-Fi with one location you can access 24/7.

Starbucks- Starbucks is known for its free Wi-Fi while you enjoy your food or beverage, you don't have to be a tortured writer, anyone can use it.

Verve-This is another downtown eatery with free wifi and plenty of table space for those with laptops who don't want to drop any of their burrito on it.

Where else can you access free Wi-Fi that we missed and should add to the list!?

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