Number one on this list has been the set for a well known scary movie, but the other 9 would also be spooky settings!

1. Mt. Hope Cemetery

If you've seen or even read IT by Stephen King, you know this is the best place to film a scary movie in Bangor.

2. Bangor City Forest Bog

On a sunny day it's a beautiful place, on a foggy or overcast day, it is still beautiful but in a haunting way.

3. Issac Farrar Mansion

This gorgeous mansion has the perfect feel for a haunted house!

4. Kenduskeag Stream Trail

In some spots you get the illusion you are deep within the forest even though you are still very close to downtown. With remnants of  Bangor's lumber hay days falling into nothing it's easy to create an eerie feeling here.

5. Bangor Public Library

Where the eyes of the antique portraits follow you, and every step you take makes a loud echoing sound on the shiny floors.

6. West Broadway

If we had to pick one spooky street to film a movie, it would have to be the street where the King of Horror lives! A scene from a scary movie with Stephen King's house in the background, very creepy!

7. Bangor Water Works

The abandoned part of the Waterworks building looks perfect for a horror film, just look at it!

8. Thomas Hill Standpipe

As a place with its own ghost stories already, it is the perfect place to film a movie about a haunting.

9. The Bangor House

With balconies, a shady past, and an interesting layout on the inside we think this would be an awesome place to do a scary movie.


10. Dorthea Dix Psychiatric Center

This place has to be the creepiest looking place in Bangor. Ignoring its use and looking only at the grounds and the buildings this place has scary movie written all over it!

What are some other places you think would be good places to film a scary movie in Bangor?

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