There are bad commercials. And there are really bad commercials. And then there's this thing! I don't know what the advertisers were thinking! But, then again, the video's gone viral. I guess it's working!

One of our jobs in radio, obviously, is to deal with clients. And ours are great! But, every once in a while, someone comes in with a 'great idea' for an ad. And it's our responsibility to convince them that, maybe it's not such a 'great' idea. Maybe it will be so annoying that people will change the channel or turn the radio off when they hear it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

But in this case, the commercial is awful. I mean, really awful. But you just know that, when it comes on the television, people are turning it up and singing along! Making fun of it! Talking about it over the water cooler! And that is, after all, what you WANT from an ad. So maybe, it's so BAD that it's GOOD!

Still.....really, really bad. Check it out!