It's low-budget. It's cheesy. It's a little weird. But all of these things combine to make this a pretty cool video! Have you seen it? John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, stars of the original "Grease" have teamed up to record a Christmas album. And John put all his loved ones in the video...including his plane!

John's wife, Kelly Preston is in the video, along with his daughter Ella and son Benjamin. You have to watch til the end to see his son trying to do the special dance they came up with. It's hilarious! Okay, so it's weird that he put his wife and family in the video but then spends the entire time snuggled up to Olivia....but hey, it's all for a great cause!

The album is called "This Christmas" and the single that prompted the video? "I Think You Might Like It." The money raised by the album will benefit the John Travolta Foundation (in memory of John's son who passed away) and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness Centre in Melbourne. It's not the best Christmas song I've ever heard, or the best video. But it's catchy...silly...and fun! Check it out!