"An 85 year old man, who had worked all of his life, somehow slipped through the cracks, and when I checked on him he was heating up a small baked potato. Probably his only meal of the day."

That harsh reality from Susan Farely who works with the Washington Hancock Community Agency. She explained that Maine food pantries, especially those Downeast, are struggling to meet the demand from those who are struggling to survive.

Farley's story illustrates the need is not just among Maine's under or unemployed people but also Maine's elderly living on fixed incomes.

You can help by donating nonperishable food items during the entire month of March as part of the 2nd Annual Hancock County Food Drive. The food will be collected at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension office in Ellsworth.

At the end of the food drive the food items will be distributed to ten food pantries serving Hancock and Washington counties.