The guys at Giveback Films are at it again! These filmmakers who have vowed to give back to society on a weekly basis brought tears to the eyes of a waitress when they gave her a $200 tip!

The Giveback filmmakers explained when they started these weekly videos that they've been more fortunate in life than many. So they vowed to do some sort of good deed each week and post the videos every Monday.

I've already shared their previous videos. In one, Kyle walks around their hometown, handing out $100 bills to the homeless. And in the second, they spent the day paying for other people's food at a fast food drive-through.

In this video, the guys are eating out at a restaurant. After they pay the bill, they hand their young waitress a tip of $200! Her reaction is awesome. Turns out she's a Mom of 2 young children who works for $2 an hour, supplementing that with tips. And what a tip!

I love these videos because they show how easy it is to make a difference in someone's day. Most of us are not fortunate enough to be able to walk around handing out $100 bills, but we could probably donate something to a local shelter or a food pantry. We can't afford to spend a day treating people to lunch but, every once in a while, pay for the car behind you at the coffee shop, or help out a single mother paying to feed her child.

Tipping is something that I feel very strongly about. Nothing makes me angrier in a restaurant than to see someone stiff a waiter or waitress after they've spent that last hour or so bringing them food, beverages, and checking back to make sure they don't need anything. It's hard work, long hours, sore feet and backs. And most don't even make minimum wage. Think of this film next time you pay a restaurant bill, and let your server know you appreciate that they spent their time taking care of your needs. I'm sure you can't tip $200, but maybe you can be a little generous. It will make their day, and yours too!