Have you ever seen the colors of fall from high atop the Thomas Hill Standpipe? If not, then you have to join us on Wednesday for the Fall Foliage Tour!

I can't tell you how many times I've climbed those 100 steps to the top of the Standpipe, and yet, it still amazes me just how FAR you can see! The view is incredible and, in the Autumn, full of beautiful colors.

Todd Simcox says the weather will be perfect, so I hope you join us! The Fall Foliage Tour is on Wednesday, October 9th from 3 to 6pm. Remember, there are 100 steps to the top of the standpipe and it's not handicapped accessible. There are a couple of places on the way where you can stop and catch your breath! All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Stop by Wednesday afternoon, get some exercise, and enjoy the Queen City (and beyond!) in all its Fall Glory!