Okay! I admit it.

I jumped up and down, screamed like a little girl, swatted at my head frantically, cursed, then shivered repeatedly as I stomped down my foot and heard a crunch.

I survived the attack but not without looking and feeling like a complete idiot.

I was so traumatized by my experience that I immediately got on the phone with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and asked Insect Diagnostician Clay Kirby if there were any useful or redeeming qualities for the hard and crunchy creature.

"There are some species of these types of beetles that will feed on decaying logs and tree stumps out in the forest so I guess one of the good functions of some of the species of these June beetles is that they help break down organic matter and create soil," stated Kirby.

Some birds find them to be tasty treats too.

Yeah? Okay, I suppose so.

The June bugs actually start out as potentially damaging white grubs in your lawn before emerging as the adult beetle.

The good news according to Kirby is the June bugs only live for a few weeks.

You should be safe to turn on your porch light again in a few weeks!