Jim and I fell in love with the southern rock band "Blackberry Smoke" when we saw them at the Springfield Fair a couple years ago. We've wanted to find a chance to see them again and now we have it!

We have an interesting dynamic in my house. See, Jim is really not a fan of most country music. And he lives with a country DJ! Luckily for our concert schedule, we both enjoy certain kinds of music and country rock is definitely a perfect compromise.  In our opinion, nobody does it better than Blackberry Smoke!

We will be on the road in June, headed to Gilford, New Hampshire to see Blackberry Smoke at the Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion on June 15th. Did I mention that they're opening for Trace Adkins? Okay, so I get a cool bonus to the trip! I can't wait to see Trace again in concert!

You can win tickets to see both Blackberry Smoke and Trace Adkins, along with a whole BUNCH of other great country performers at the Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain, New York right here on our website! Click here to get entered for the latest Flyaway Trip from Q-106.5! And enjoy this video of Blackberry Smoke! I can already smell the incense they burn on the stage when they perform!