Incredible Secret Black Friday Strategies [VIDEO]
Black Friday! The time has come to get a jump on holiday shopping bargains. But if you're like many people, you wait for the flyers to come out and plan on being at a particular location as early as possible. But guess what? You may not have to be there so early...
See ‘Black Friday’ Early Sales Flyers from Major Retailers
Black Friday truly is like a shopping war to not only get the item on your shopping list, but also to score the best price to keep that bank account fat and happy. But it's really hard to plan where it is you need to be during the wee hours on Black Friday without sufficient advanced informatio…
Black Friday Deals Revealed [VIDEO]
Thanksgiving is just days away, which means the infamous 'Black Friday' experience is about to explode with tons of great deals! Furbies, Monster High, TV's, and lots more are on the bargain table.
If you're any kind of deal shopper, you've no doubt have done a little recon t…
Haunted Shopping Cart Prank (VIDEO)
So you're shopping at your favorite store, browsing through the isles, with very few people around you, and for some still feel an odd presence, and then you see it!
I know I'd be freaked out, but you gotta admit it's funny