Once again, St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor is offering free produce to folks who might not otherwise have access to it. The cooperative program matches local growers with those in need.

Organizers are looking for donations of fresh produce from local growers to put on the stand each Friday this summer. St. Joseph's Bethany McKnight explained to us how it works.

"People with excess produce can drop it off. And people who maybe don't have the ability to purchase that produce or don't have access to finding fresh fruits and vegetables are welcome to just stop by and take what they need, free of charge."

The Community Vegetable Exchange program has been a huge success. McKnight says originally they thought that any excess produce left over at the end of each day would be donated to a local food pantry. But the reality is that they never have any leftover!

The Vegetable Exchange will begin on Friday, July 19th when the stand opens for the first time this summer. The vegetable stand will be set up outside the Broadway entrance to St. Joseph's Hospital each Friday this summer, from 11am to 1pm.

Donations can be dropped off at the stand each Friday, or before 11am on Fridays, can be given to volunteers at the Hospital's front desk. For more information, contact St. Joseph's Hospital.