Recently, 2-year-old Tripp Jackson Murray was at a playground when his mother noticed something wasn’t right with Tripp. After the boy started to lose his balance, his mother Kim noticed one of his eyes was starting to turn inward. She immediately took him to EMMC. They did a CAT scan and discovered a brain tumor on his cerebellum and brain stem about 2½-inches long. Tripp was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a life-threatening type of brain cancer. So Kim's friends have gone back to where their friendships began to raise money to help with medical costs!

Kim's friends all know she was an avid skater back in the day which is how a lot of them got to know her. Please join in and 'Skate for Tripp' from 5 - 7 p.m. this Saturday, November 16th at Great Skates in Bangor. This session dedicated to Tripp Murray whom was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer. Great Skates is so kindly willing to donate all admission costs to the family!!! The cost will be $4 for admission, $2 skate rentals, and laser tag games will also be open to play. Please join in this great event (even if you don't skate) just to donate to a great cause!!!! Children are welcome!!