Most 12-year-olds love their bike. It's a source of freedom, just like a car is for an adult. But most 12-year-olds don't spend their birthday riding 25 miles on that bike to raise money for the humane society. But Brewer's Matt Gross isn't like most kids!

I chatted with Matt last week and he sounds like every other 11-year-old. See, he's 11 today. But tomorrow he'll be 12 and he'll spend the day on his bike. Matt told me how his family went to the Bangor Humane Society to adopt a beagle. The picture they saw of the beagle made him look younger than his 11 years. But the family adopted him anyway and gave him a great home! Buddy the Beagle turned 14 this year.

Matt was so touched by the sight of all those animals in the shelter looking for a good home that he wanted to do something to help. He told me he saw a character in a movie who raised money for a shelter and he decided he wanted to do that too. So he wrote 'Raise $300 for the humane society" on a piece of paper, walked out of his room, and told his Dad about it.

This is the third year for the 'Ride for the Wet Nose' and, so far, Matt has raised over $2,300 for the Bangor Humane Society. This year, he's poised to raise $1,600 or more! If you'd like to donate, contact Matt's Dad Jason Gross on the Ride for the Wet Nose Facebook page.

Matt, who is the grandson of our own JJ West, will ride the 25 miles on Wednesday, August 20th through Brewer, Holden, and Orrington. All the money raised will benefit the Bangor Humane Society, where representatives tell Matt that the money is used to buy food for the animals. So, a day in advance, I just want to say Happy Birthday, Matt, and have a great ride! We think you're awesome!