Over the past several weeks, I've been sharing videos with you from a YouTube Channel known as Give Back Films. The weekly videos focus on Kyle and his cohorts who find ways to pay it forward, doing good deeds for others. But the videos prompt quiestions. How did such young guys get the idea to make the videos, and where does the money come from? This interview gives some answers!

So far, the guys have done things like handing out $100 bills to the homeless. They gave a waitress a $200 tip. One video shows interviews where they discussed with some homeless people how they ended up on the street...and then paid them handsomely for their time!  They even helped out a fellow Good Samaritan who had been victimized by thieves.

Jennifer Vickery of One One 7 TV in Nashville caught up with 18-year-old philanthropist Kyle Oreffice to get the scoop on Give Back Films. Turns out, he's just a really nice guy! And the filmmakers' good deeds are prompting others to want to give back as well.

Check out the interview! And then click the link below to watch some of the very moving films. It will get you thinking....how can I pay it forward? Which is exactly the point!