The Red Cross is offering free volunteer training in Brewer this weekend for people interested in helping others in times of crisis.

Most of us help out where and when we can, whether it's attending a benefit dinner or donating items to a family who's lost their house to fire. But if you're one of those people who wishes there was a way to do even more, this training is perfect for you.

The Zero2Hero program trains folks to offer assistance to community members affected by things like a home fire or flooding. Because of the sheer number of emergencies across the state, organizers say volunteers are an essential part of the process.

This free training program will take place Friday through Sunday of this week at the Brewer Community Center, located at 10 Cutler Place, in Brewer. New volunteers will learn the necessary skills to work at a shelter and assist those individuals affected when a disaster strikes, locally or nationally. The efficient program will take trainees with no experience to trained disaster services volunteers in just three days.

"Having a strong volunteer base will ensure the Red Cross is able to provide local assistance when disasters strike," said Danielle Hardre, Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross in Nothern and Eastern Maine. The Red Cross responds to hundreds of disasters across the state, most of which are house fires.

Ever wish you could do more to help others in need? Here's your chance! For more information and to get signed up, log onto the website for the Maine Red Cross or contact Danielle Hardre at (207) 941-2903, extension 405.