A substance recovery coordinator's post on the Scarborough Police Department's Facebook page reveals her brother's death from an overdose and points to the lack of services in the state.

Jaime Higgins is a coordinator for the Scarborough Police Department's Operation Hope, a program that helps those addicted to opiates and heroin seek treatment. She says, in the Facebook post, that she dedicated her life to the cause, in part, after her brother became addicted.

As facilitator of the department's Facebook page, she used the medium to inform the public about her brother's overdose death, and express her frustration over the lack of services in Maine. A lack of beds at recovery facilities often means that when an addict is ready to get clean, they're put on a waiting list, instead of getting the immediate help they need.

Our condolences to Jaime Higgins and her family for their loss.

If you or someone you love is dealing with addiction, log onto 211 Maine to find a program in your area that can help.