The attorney for Asher Woodworth, the Portland man who was charged with obstructing a public way after he dressed up as a tree and slowly walked through a busy intersection, filed a not-guilty plea on his client's behalf Thursday. The 30-year-old Woodworth was arrested on Oct. 24 after plodding his way through the intersection of Congress and High Streets while dressed from head to toe in evergreen bows. The so-called tree guy said he wanted to “bring attention to the everyday dances and social choreography that we execute without thinking.” Woodworth is being represented free of charge by city councilor and environmental lawyer Jon Hinck. Hinck is a co-founder of Greenpeace USA, but he told the
Bangor Daily News his decision to defend Woodworth is not environmentally motivated. “He’s a good guy and deserves representation,” said Hinck. “I think my client hopes to be exonerated.”