When I was a kid, we were briefly the "coolest" because we were the first family in the neighborhood to get Pong! Now, I'm not talking about the ping or beer variety, but the actual video game. For those who don't remember, the controller was a couple of knobs, and the game was incredibly simple. So simple that it was easy for a building in Philadelphia to play!

I'm often amazed, when I see the complicated video games today, to think that we were so completely amused by sliding a couple of lines up and down to hit a "ball" back and forth. But back then it was the latest technology!

So, when I saw this video of the world's largest game of Pong! I just had to share it! Drexel's Dr. Frank Lee created this game that was played on the Philadelphia Cira Centre. I could see myself there, standing on the sidewalk, totally caught up in the game!