It was so great to hear so much music in this year's Bangor-Brewer 4th of July Parade! And along with the music, there were plenty of characters. And some toys too!

It was a fun day at the parade and, since I was watching in Brewer, the rain held off until the last few minutes. Which, actually, was perfect because it cooled me off for the hike back to my car!

The Shriners showed up with several characters and some toys. I was disappointed that the battery in my camera died before I could film the mini-trucks whizzing by. But, boy, it was fun to watch!

Brewer High School's robotics department brought a few toys, too, including Wall-E! I think the guy on the back of the truck with the controller had the best job in the parade.

I will admit, I prefer the parade when it's not an election year. There were a LOT of politicians in this parade! But it was nice to see Governor Lepage came to Bangor to take part.

Have a happy holiday weekend, all!