One piglet died and two others were injured when they were left locked in a hot car at the Houlton Fair.

The BDN reports a woman purchased the three piglets from children who had won them in a pig scramble. She placed the pigs in a burlap bag, locked it in her vehicle, and returned to the fair. By the time police were able to get the animals out of the car, one had died and the other two were sickly.

Fair director Paul Cleary told the BDN that the staff gives anyone who obtains one of the animals instructions on their care. In addition, they have a pen available where folks can keep their animals safe until they decide to head home.

When the woman returned to the car, she told police that she wanted to keep the two pigs who survived. They decided that wasn't a good idea and seized the animals. So far, no charges have been filed, but the case is under investigation by the state animal welfare office.