The word is, from the City of Bangor, that future concert goers who visit the Darling's Waterfront Pavillion will not be subjected to the same experience fans of Garrison Keillor had last weekend.

Since that show Friday night, the City and the Waterfront Concerts representatives have fielded complaints and concerns about the stench that emitted from the concert grounds following heavy rains.

Even Keillor himself made reference to the soggy, muddy, and sewer-like smell that arose from the ground referring to the "grassy smell of summer" as he opened his show.

In a press release today, Director of Bangor Parks and Recreation, Tracey Willette said heavy rains, coupled with the organic composition of the loam created the stench. "Although the odor was unpleasant, it wasn't anything that was toxic or unsafe.  It was simply a reaction generated by a natural process," stated Willette.

Willette says a meeting was held yesterday with the general contractor, Gardiner Construction and a solution has been set into motion according to Willette. The saturated material will be removed, additional drainage installed and new surface installed.  This work will be performed in time for the Miranda Lambert-Dierks Bentley-Kix Brooks show this Friday," said Willette.

Willette says even though the odor was sewage-like in nature no sludge was used as part of the ground work done when the stage was moved.

As part of the City's agreement with Waterfront Concerts, there is a turf management fee assessed on a per show basis for the management of the surface.