I've always been a people person. I'm usually the guy at a grocery checkout or bank teller line making small talk to total strangers. I've always been that way. I find people interesting. Everyone has a story to tell. But honestly though, it doesn't always turn out well. Strangers aren't always welcome to such conversations, and struggle with reciprocal communication. I figure they are shy or probably thinking I have ulterior motives. Understandable. But can you imagine someone on a busy city street coming up to you and pairing you up with another total stranger for a picture?

One photographer in New York City has taken his art form to another level by finding strangers on the street and posing them for some pretty interesting shots. His experiment has resulted in some pretty interesting poses and comments from the strangers shoots.

After watching the story from Steve Hartman's 'On the Road,' it becomes evident that the any differences we have are fabrications of our timid minds.