Maureen Hancock, the Spirit Medium, is coming back to Bangor in May and tickets are selling fast, so you want to get yours before they're gone! I've moderated a lot of calls with Maureen, but this was, by far, my favorite.

I was asked this morning which of the phone readings with Maureen was my favorite and the answer was easy. No offense to the listeners who have taken part, but my favorite was an unexpected reading she gave me from my ex-husband.

Maureen tells us the spirits take note of everyone in the room, not just the one who's getting the reading, and that can make things confusing. After several calls where Maureen referenced a Michael without any recognition from the listener, I realized who it was.

Michael and I were married for nearly five years and have three children together. His struggles with alcoholism kept him from being very close to his sons when they were little, but two of them really got to know him as adults. The third no longer lives nearby and so was never very close to him. When he died, he and I had not spoken in many years.

Now that you know that bit of history, listen to the call and you'll understand why it was so powerful for me. A validation I thought was gone forever. You'll notice Maureen keeps referring to a weird audio glitch. The connection between us kept fading, inexplicably. Almost as if Michael were demanding to be heard. (which was definitely like him)

And be sure to watch for this week's call, which I'll post on Friday. A very, very moving call between a mother and her recently deceased daughter!

Maureen Hancock, the spirit medium, is coming back to Bangor May 2nd, when she'll be pairing folks up with their relatives for the most amazing family reunion ever! Maureen is known as the 'comedian medium,' so it's fun and entertaining even if you don't get a reading. But Maureen says if you're meant to, you will!

Tickets are selling fast, so get yours today before they're gone!