Every Sunday, Townsquare Media airs a public service program called Maine Concerns. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should! We cover everything from local charitable organizations and their events, to health tips, and more.

This week, we're focusing on health. In our first segment, I'll chat with Northeast Delta Dental's Dr. Shannon Mills about the effects of sports and energy drinks on your teeth. Dr. Mills says, the truth is, these so-called healthy drinks are usually just as harmful to your teeth as soft drinks. Water is still the best way to re-hydrate and Dr. Mills offers some tips on how to make this simple beverage more appealing to your kids.

And in our second segment, Susan Patten talks with St. Joseph Hospital's Bethany McKnight about the Community Vegetable Exchange stand that will be set up outside the Broadway entrance to the hospital. Local growers can donate the excess fruits and vegetables from their gardens, and folks who can't afford to buy fresh produce can pick some up for free. The stand will open on July 19th and will be open each Friday this summer from 11 to 1.

To hear more about both of these topics, tune in this Sunday morning for “Maine Concerns,” brought to you by the Townsquare Media News Team.