Any dog lover will tell you we don't need a day designated for loving our best friends. But, nevertheless, today is National Love Your Dog Day. So, of course, I have to share a video of my own furry guy. This time around, we're going back to the very first video I ever made of him because no one can resist puppy videos!

Organizers of National Love Your Dog Day encourage you to spend some extra time with your dog, play with them a little more, or just set and pet them for an extra long time. Really? I mean, I do have a job and have to leave the house occasionally. When I'm home? I'm spending time with my dog. (yes, he's incredibly spoiled!)

Copernicus was just a pup in this video when I decided to try and catch him playing with his new toy. I mean, he was so tiny and the toy was big enough that he could wrestle with it. Too cute, right? But the video didn't quite end up the way I'd planned because...well...puppies are unpredictable! But the result was hilarious!