It's been the same argument that's been going on for generations. The difference in what our parents and their parents listened to for country music is light years away from the sound of country music today.

A number of today's aging and even contemporary country stars have been quite vocal about the infiltration of heavy rock and hip-hop genres dominating and changing the sound of country music. Honestly, they're right. However, cut thirty years off my life and I'd be listening to the same things young people are listening to. So who am I to complain?

To give you a better idea as to what I'm talking about, check out a cool bunch of Georgia dudes who call themselves 'Jawga Boyz.' They've been around for a few years, but I think they are paving new roads with the infusion of hip-hop and country. It actually sounds really good...that's of course if like hip-hop.

And then take a moment and listen to an old classic by the legendary Hank Williams. In between the two came 70's country, then the Urban Cowboy craze of the early 80's, and then that wild man we all know as Garth Brooks who forever changed the face of country in the 90's.

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