Help me out here, I'm kind of on the fence with this new song from the 90's country star, Joe Diffie. During the month of June, Q-106.5's JR Mitchell, posted Joe Diffie's 'Girl Ridin' Shotgun' song as the 'Fresh Track of the Day,' now the video for the song has been released. Now that I have pictures to the song, I still haven't bought in to the integration of country and rap. Am I wrong?

The debate over the integration of the two genres has been a bone of contention with many a country performer for a few years now. But we all recognize that country has had some pretty big turning points in it's history: The Urban Cowboy sound of the 80's, and probably the biggest change to date...the Garth Brooks more 'rockish' sound of the early 90's, which by the way is nothing these days compared to the latest developments in country music.

Country music today, as you know, is sounding more Pop, and more and more urban flavoring is being added.

So how do you feel? Watch the video, share it on Facebook with your friends, and leave a comment.