I am a huge fan of the "Iron Man" movies and so I'm very excited that the newest installment is out next month! When I saw the trailer today, I just knew I had to share it with you. Some cool stuff!

Tony Stark will now be able to control his suit with his mind. I had to watch the trailer a couple of times to really pick up on this fact, but it's a very super-hero-type improvement on the character.

And the bad guy? An actor who started out playing Ghandi but has made quite a career out of playing bad guys. I have a feeling, though, this will be his best one yet! Ben Kingsley is barely recognizable in this trailer, but IMDB clued me in.

Okay, so...I'm gushing. But I'm just a huge fan of the series! And, yeah, okay, Robert Downey Jr's hot physique doesn't hurt my attraction for the film! Watch the trailer and then start counting the days til the movie comes out next month. I can't wait!