At about 7:15 last night, there was an odd rumbling in my home, which is not unheard of due to the fact I live right in front of a railroad track, but this was different...there was no train rumbling by, at least not until about 5 minutes later! So, I sent a text message to our stations meteorologist, Todd Simcox, saying "My whole house just shook like crazy! Earthquake?? Seriously!!"

Well, at this point I was questioning if it was an earthquake, I hadn't checked local news, or the know all of what's happening "Facebook". So I waited for a response, probably something smart from Todd like..."What the hell are you drinking?" So when his response came in, confirming that it

was indeed an Earthquake centered in Southern Maine, registering 4.6 on the Richter Scale, and has since been downgraded to about 4.0, I checked news, and yes...Facebook.

I was a little surprised to see pages already created titled "I Survived the 10/16/12 Earthquake" even more surprised to see at that time it had nearly 11,000 likes, and at the time I'm writing at 81,114.

The pictures of a garbage can knocked over, other post with subtitles as "We Will Rebuild". It's nice to know that people do have a sense of humor, but also remember, there were those who were close to the event who were scared of what was happening. So, whichever side you happened to be on, it's good to see a sense of humor in all that is going on in this crazy world we live in.

So, today, Wednesday the 17th of October 2012...lets hope for no-more "Dirty Lists", Earthquakes, or for personal problems that make people decide it's better to just call it a life... RIP my Friend WS.

So...did you feel it?? Where do you live? We are curious, Take our poll and let us know!