According to this calculation you can now know how much money to save up for next year to have the brightest house on the block!

Remember the movie 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' when character Clark Griswold goes beyond festive to deck his halls, and every other part of the house. One of the best parts of the movie (other than that sweet little Aunt Bethany) is the struggle of putting up 25,000 lights. All ends well for the Griswolds and their very bright house, but the question of 'how much would that cost?' was maybe something you wondered.

Well thanks to Estaely and their simple equation they were able to estimate the cost of using 25,000 LED or incandescent lights for one month in each state. If you use those fancy new LED bulbs you will only spend an additional $50 for the month of December, However, if you are partial to your old but still working incandescent bulbs you are looking at a pretty hefty electric bill. Estately estimates it would cost about $4,416 for you to pull a Clark Griswold in Maine!

See Estately's full findings here as well as their equation.