It's Hot Hunk Monday! Lady Antebellum's Blonde bombshell is on a roll, beating Tim McGraw last week! That makes five wins for Charles Kelley, so this week we bring our reigning Champion back and face them off against each other. Who do you think is the Hottest Blonde - Charles or Keith Urban? Vote now!

I have to say, I was surprised last week. I really thought that Tim McGraw would beat Charles. I mean...Tim has that whole superstar thing going on. But it was no use to him last week as he only gained 13% of the votes. Charles Kelley ran away with the title and onto the list of five-time Hot Hunk winners! And that means the return of Nicole's hubby.

Keith Urban has held onto the top spot for months now. It seems no one can beat him! And let's face it, he's tough competition. Between the hair and the sexy little smile, he's a cutie! But is he cute or hot enough to beat his latest competition?

That's up to you! Remember you can vote as often as you like, all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week on Hot Hunk Monday!