It's Hot Hunk Monday! Last week, Randy Houser didn't stand a chance against Tim McGraw! Tim's fans came through for him in a big way. Will he be as successful this week as he takes on the very good-looking Brad Paisley? That's up to you!

Tim took 96% of the votes last week, making it one of the largest wins so far. He certainly has expanded his audience with his acting. There are plenty of women who love Tim the actor, who may have never listened to any of his music. But that just means they don't know what they're missing!

Brad is best known for his music. But he's also earned a reputation in Nashville for the pranks he plays on his tour mates! There's something so irresistible about a great-looking guy who also has a killer sense of humor!

So what do you think? Who's the hotter country guy, Tim or Brad? Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week and face them off against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!