A horror movie starring Kevin Costner? Yup! If you've never checked out 'The New Daughter,' and you like those 'demon-possessed children' films, you should watch this one. Costner does a pretty convincing job of being a freaked-out Dad! A decent story and beautiful South Carolina scenery make this movie one of my favorite horror flicks.

The story starts out pretty predictably. A recently divorced novelist moves into a country home in South Carolina with his teenage daughter and young son. At first, things are going okay, other than the fact that Dad's relationship with his daughter is strained. I mean...teen daughter...divorced Dad....moving the kids out to the middle of nowhere? Of course it's strained!

Things start getting weird when the family discovers a large mound near their home. Then they learn that the house (which is beautiful!) is infamous in town after a woman disappeared from there. When they find their cat, which has been viciously killed, everything begins to get weird.

Costner does a good job of playing the fish-out-of-water Dad who's trying to figure out how to live on his own, connect with his children, and figure out just what the heck is going on. Especially when his daughter starts acting REALLY strange!

This movie is kind of a combination of demon-child and creature horror that will, at times, keep you on the edge of your seat. And I almost guarantee you'll never look at a mound of dirt the same way again!