Garth Brooks won a $226,000 dollar lawsuit last week against a former employee. Former Red Strokes Entertainment CEO Lisa Sanderson will now have to repay the money to Brooks, which she says she absolutely cannot afford. So what do you think? Should Garth have pursued this? Or should he have let it go?

The jury said that the documentation stated it was a loan and that was that. Now, Sanderson needs to repay one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world nearly a quarter million dollars.

She claims that, after she received the money, Brooks told her that he was so concerned about her ill son's welfare, that she wouldn't have to repay the money. However, if that actually happened, it was never put in writing, so it's not legally binding.

Now that the verdict has been read, I want your take on this case. Was justice served? Was this a case of someone trying to extort money from another rich celebrity? Or is Sanderson the victim here? Let us know what you think!