Food at Ribfest

Get ready for some of the most amazing barbecue you've ever tasted! New England Ribfest will feature award winning Rib Masters from all over the nation. Along with their unique ingredients, special techniques and years of BBQ experience, they’ll be bringing racks of mouthwatering ribs, pulled pork, tender brisket, juicy chicken, BBQ shrimp, sausages plus an array of sides. From the expected baked beans, slaw and macaroni & cheese to unique choices like pretzel bomb, BBQ nachos and candied bacon. Then you can end your meal with a delicious dessert or go back for seconds!



BBQ Kings have been smoking meat and cookin’ delicious BBQ since 1999. They started out with small catering events for family and friends, and then decided to open their own restaurant. In 2014 they started competing in National Rib Contests. Since then they’ve won multiple rib competitions and have even been featured on Food Network!

BBQ Kings bring unique recipes, some of which are not even featured in their restaurant. They pride themselves on original recipes and love sharing the flavors with people through their signature line of sauces and rubs. They'll be bringing pulled pork sandwiches, full and half racks of ribs, side dishes and more, BBQ Kings is a must stop at the New England Ribfest.

Courtesy of BBQ Kings Smokehouse

Fine Smoke prides themselves on producing the top quality BBQ. Originally  from Ohio, these guys travel all over the east coast to compete in national rib contests, taking 2nd, 1st, and even a Grand Champion place for their delicious ribs and chicken.

You can look forward to tasting this award winning chicken, along with several choices of ribs including, 4-Bone, 3-Bones, half slab, and full slab! And don't miss the chance to try their savory candied bacon!

Courtesy of Fine Smoke

Porky-N-Beans is an "Award Winning Bar-B-Que" company from Port St. Lucie Florida! We are national rib cook off contenders and travel between 10,000 and 15,000 miles a year competing in cities from Ft. Lauderdale to Reno. We have won numerous rib cook off titles such as the prestigious Golden Rib Award and Best Ribs in America. Based out of Port St. Lucie Florida Porky-N-Beans is available to supply your event with some of the nations best BBQ!

Traveling from Chesapeake, VA, Dan Johnson brings years of BBQ experience. Dan is the manager of Johnson’s BBQ, traveling BBQ and the restaurant in Chesapeake. Winner of the 2014 and 2013 Best Ribs, and 2007 Great America n Rib Cook-off. Look for those award winning ribs, along with BBQ sausage, chicken and pork! Johnson’s BBQ is something to rave about and a must-try at New England Ribfest!

They say that BBQ is from the south and you can’t get much more south than Australia. In 1988 Aussom Aussie came to the U.S. to compete in national and international Rib contests. Their mission is to prove that Australian styled BBQ is as good, if not better than, the traditional BBQ we are all love. They are known for their traditional Australian BBQ sauce made with an Australian fruit, a long time tradition in the family.

Now with over 350 awards for Best BBQ in Australia, the US and Canada, they are looking forward to bringing that unique taste of the “down under” to Maine!

Courtesy of Aussom Aussie

Stay tuned for more BBQ announcements!

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