Reasons To Go To Ribfest
One more sleep!  First annual New England Ribfest. So many reasons to not miss this. Here's six. Food, Terri Clark, Loverboy, Rowdy Yates, Beer, and it only costs $10 to get in.
I know I can't wait. Bring your lawnchair and cash. And maybe wet naps...
E-Waste And Family Fun For Challenger Learning Center
Get rid of your unwanted electronics this weekend when the Challenger Learning Centers hosts its annual E-Waste Collection, and have some family fun to benefit the center.
The learning center on Venture Way doesn't benefit directly from the recycled items, so volunteers will gladly accept cash donati…
Summer Speeding So Fast, Should Get A Ticket
Wow, September 1st already.  And the unofficial, and I emphasize unofficial end of summer is upon us.  Welcome to Labor Day Weekend.
Yes the past few months have zipped by.  Somebody call the cops. Summer is in overdrive and should get a ticket for speeding...

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