Since the late 1960's, after the surfacing of the The Patterson Gimlin Film shot in California in 1967, the search for the elusive Sasquatch, better know as Bigfoot has been a search that has left many finding more frustration than existence of the creature. But, for a group known as the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, they continue the search all over the country, all over the world, and could be coming to Maine?!

This video is how the Bigfoot craze began in the late 60's, and for some, the search continues! The Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot is a show that follows 4 researchers all over the globe in their attempt to prove that "Squatchs" exist!

The members, Matt Moneymaker is the founder and president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Cliff Barackman is level-headed and analytical, Barackman is interested in physical evidence, Ranae Holland is the group skeptic, but has had a lifelong interest in Bigfoot, and last but certainly not least is James "Bobo" Fay, Bobo has been searching for Bigfoot since the early 1980s and has many theories about the creature. He often poses as Bigfoot for recreations of alleged sightings, due to his height. He often wears a trucker cap with a Bigfoot-related slogan, and a handcarved abalone Bigfoot necklace.

Together these 4 together are a perfect mix of knowledge and humor, but in all seriousness, they take Finding Bigfoot very seriously! As I was watching an episode the other night with the group in New York on an investigation, they showed a map of the Appalachian Trail, there were dots located in Maine of reported sightings, so I Googled Finding Bigfoot Coming to Maine, and found a post on Craigslist from Matt Moneymaker, posted the very same day, here's the post below, complete with HIS typos...not mine...

Bigffoot Field Researchers Organization (Matt Moneymaker)

"Hi all,
Matt Moneymaker here from the B.F.R.O. and this is one of the many ways we utilize in order to get the message/information out. Craigslist has been good to us.

We have received many reports of possible sightings in the Richmond Maine specifically from the Kennebec River up to Rt.201, especially Beedle road area.

The reports have become questionable enough to allow our team to examine the area with your help of course.

Currently we are working on a Bigfoot and Beer-Town Hall Meeting-I will keep you informed, in the meantime if any residents of Richmond or passers by have suspected sasquatch please inform us asp!
Happy Squatching!"

So, it appears the Animal Planet show is planning a trip to the State of Maine!

So have you ever seen, or thought you may have seen a "Squatch?" Will you be interested when the BFRO comes to Maine, and the results of their findings? As a fan of the show...I know I will! And possibly, quite possibly, a trip to this town meeting may be in my future! I'll be following this story as adamantly as this group follows Bigfoot leads all over the world!