Think the summer fun is over? The last country concert on the Bangor Waterfront is done, the Blue Hill Fair is a memory, and the Folk Festival has closed up its tents. But there's still a celebration to be had! The Common Ground Fair will be held September 21st to the 23rd in Unity!

Granted, this is more a celebration of autumn than of summer...but it's still tons of fun! For anyone who has never been, you should know it's not a traditional fair. You're not going to find Ferris wheels and bumper cars. And you won't find game barkers trying to separate you from your money!

Instead, you'll find lots of agricultural exhibits. More local craftsmen than you've ever seen in one place! Jewelry, stained glass, hand loomed soft goods, food, artwork, and the list goes on and on! And there will be folks there to talk to you about how to better insulate your home, build a home, and have a successful garden.

And the food!! The Common Ground Fair is put on by the Maine Organic Farmer's Association (MOFGA), and so all the food is organic....and delicious! Where else can you get lamb kabobs...ribs...fresh veggies...and my favorite...spiced hot apple cider! Yummy!!!

There are some special events too, like the Donkey and Mule Show, the Draft Horse show, and the Sheep Dog Demonstrations! For a complete list of events and more information about MOFGA and the Common Ground Fair, click here. And get ready for a fun and delicious celebration of the end of harvest at the Unity Fairgrounds!