As I play requests for everyone's favorite country songs on Cindy's Roadhouse, I'm reminded of one of my favorite country music moments. It's not an awards show moment. It's not even a favorite concert. It's Bugs Bunny playing the fiddle!

When I was a kid, I'd wake up early on Saturdays just so I could watch the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner hour. I'd go in the den and close the door, so the noise wouldn't wake up my parents who were asleep in the next room. I'd sit right there for an hour watching some of my favorite cartoons in my jammies, robe, and slippers.

I have many favorite Bugs Bunny moments, like making a fruit salad on Elmer Fudd's head, playing the piano, and just about any scene with Daffy or Yosemite Sam! And this clip always makes me laugh!

As we celebrate the winners of last night's ACM Awards, let's take a minute to get in touch with our inner redneck child, and laugh at Bugs Bunny as he frolics with the hillbillies!