A 50-year-old Brewer man faces charges after a domestic incident Thursday morning that forced the lock-down of Brewer schools.

Patrick Morrison was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence Assault, Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening, and Refusing to Submit to Arrest/Detention.

Police were called to a South Main Street residence at around 8 a.m. to a report of a domestic altercation that may have included shots being fired. Morrison, who was thought to have a handgun, had fled the scene and police ordered the schools on lock-down while they looked for him.

Police learned that Morrison had fled the apartment on foot upon learning that the police were on their way.

When asked if there were any firearms in the home the victim told police that she had a handgun, however when she went to locate the gun it was not where she last put it. It was communicated to other officers that Morrison was possibly armed with a handgun.

Morrison had concealed himself in a wooded area between South Main and Abbott Streets, a short distance away from his residence. He had taken a position behind some blow down trees overlooking the backyard, according to police.

After locating Morrison, Brewer officers repeatedly ordered him to surrender. However he would not comply, police said. All Brewer officers had their service weapons deployed.

Morrison then stood up and began rapidly walking through the woods towards the back of his residence. After confirming that Morrison was not holding a weapon, police  deployed their Tasers on Morrison and he was taken into custody in the back yard of his residence without further incident.

After Morrison’s arrest, the handgun was located loaded in an area of the apartment that the victim did not place it. Police believe Morrison had loaded and moved the firearm.