A Brewer man who was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly dragging a leashed dog behind his pickup truck was arrested on drug charges after police went to the man's home to check on the dog.

Police say Jeffrey Mayhew, 31, dragged his 14-week-old bulldog behind his truck while he drove down Wilson Street in Brewer Tuesday. Police were unsure if the incident was an accident or intentional.

Mayhew was cited for animal cruelty and violation of conditions of release. Police said he was out on bail following an OUI arrest on May 17.

The dog was taken to a local veterinary clinic for treatment of injuries to its paws and legs.

According to a news release from Brewer Public Safety Director Jason Moffitt on Thursday, Mayhew was arrested when police went to his home on Wednesday to check on the dog.

When officers arrived at the residence, they noticed illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia in plain view, the release said.

Mayhew was charged with unlawful possession of schedule Z drugs, possession of a usable amount of marijuana and sale/use of drug paraphernalia.

The dog was taken into custody by Brewer police officers, and Mayhew subsequently surrendered the dog voluntarily.

Numerous rescue organizations have offered to adopt the dog. Moffitt said the police department will be working with animal control to find the dog a good home and owners who have been properly vetted.