"The hearts and minds of our enemy are more valuable to this Government than my son's blood," states Karen Vaughn, mother of U.S. Navy Seal, Aaron Vaugh who was killed with other members of the now famous Seal Team 6 when the chopper they were in was shot down by the Taliban in Afghanistan, in August of 2011.

Karen Vaughn's statement came as part of her riveting testimony at a press conference held this week at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Karen and her husband were joined at the press conference by other family members of our slain special operations soldiers, retired military Generals, Admirals, former Seals, and Congressmen to speak out as a unified "whistle-blower" group, unified in its message.

They are demanding answers from military leaders and the Obama administration.

They want to know why so many of our special operations forces, credited quite publicly by Vice President Biden for killing Osama Bin Laden, were sent into an active battle zone in one, out-dated Chinook transport helicopter, as opposed to the MH47's with which they trained.

They want to know why standard military protocol, of escort, or pre-assault fire in a battle zone didn't happen, and why the U.S. military has permitted the Afghan military and police to be part of every planned military operation executed in this war on terror.

They want to know why President Obama is completely unwilling to identify the enemy we face, and why would our military allow an Islamic Imam to pray over the bodies of our American soldiers, to only later discover through translation, the words of this standard Islamic prayer suggested our soldiers be sent to hell, proclaiming the Muslims as the winners.

These parents are demanding a congressional investigation and are pleading with the American public to demand answers. They want Americans to understand how the Muslim Brotherhood has co-opted this administration, and has played a very direct role in re-writing our military's policy as it relates to rules of engagement.

Family members of Ambassador Stevens, and the others killed in the attacks in Benghazi, are demanding answers as to who gave the orders to stand down. The families of our Navy Seals are demanding answers too, and they say they are not getting the truth from our government leaders.

This press conference, along with the Benghazi investigation, and the Boston Marathon terror attack investigation are all connected in the sense that the enemy identified is the same. We are at war with radical Islam.

I have had extensive interviews with Reza Kahlili, a man born in Tehran, Iran, who was educated in the United States. He returned to Iran and served in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.  When he saw first-hand the brutality of the radical mullahs and Iranian regime and how their merciless terror techniques were oppressing peace-loving people, he turned to the United States for help and agreed to turn his back on his family and country, serving as a CIA operative.

In my series Got Power? You can hear my full interview with Reza where he clearly explains the ruthless radical ideology we face. He explains how the Obama administration has completely, and dangerously, underestimated the threat. He still has hope that the people of America will wake up to see what's happening, and says the key to peace in the Middle East, and the security of our children attending marathon's, is dependent on how this country addresses radical Islam.

Much of what Reza has shared with me is substantiated by what's being said by these "whistle-blowers" in Thursday's press conference.

This press conference, followed by Q & A, goes on for three hours.

The families of our brave special operations forces believe you need to know what is happening in this country, and what they say is the result of the Obama administration's desire to appease the enemy.  They sincerely hope you'll find the time to view this press conference in it's entirety, and start demanding accountability from our government leaders.