The city of Bangor had a public forum last night, September 19th in the Bangor City Council chambers sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Bangor Public Library.

Victor Kraft, who is a private investigator and running on a platform of shutting down the Waterfront Concerts answered the question, "Who is your largest campaign donor?" with the following:

I'm not taking money from anybody. I'm going to print up 5 to 10 signs. I'm not going to call anybody because that just pisses me off when it happens to me. I'm not going to send out any literature because the Nazis that pick up my garbage will just throw it back on my lawn....

You can see and hear this on the video at the 1:09:42 mark.

As a former City Councilor, I'm ashamed. Sir, you won't have my vote in November.