There are laws against poaching wildlife in Maine and Wardens are cracking down.

Seven residents of Allagash, and one Palermo man were charged Thursday with various poaching offenses from hunting with a suspended license to possession of a moose killed at night.

Warden Corporal John McDonald says the Warden Service was assisted by several State Troopers during the execution of search warrants Wednesday night.

57 year old Carter McBreairty of Allagash was charged with a Class D crime of hunting deer after having already tagged one.

53 year old Kim Hafford of Allagash was charged with False Registration of a Deer.

50 year old Jess McBreairty of Allagash was charged with Hunting with a Suspended License and was arrested on a bail violation.

36 year old Reid Caron of Allagash was also arrested on a charge of Night Hunting Moose.

63 year old Hope Kelly of Allagash was charged with Possession of a Moose Killed at Night and Possession of an Unregistered Moose.

63 year old Gregory Hughes of Allagash was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

73 year old Arlo Caron of Allagash was charged wtih Unlawful Possession of Gift Deer which is a Class E crime.

57 year old Gerald Pollard of Palermo is charged with Illegal Possession of Moose.

According to the Warden Service the suspects charged are intentional wildlife violators who display a complete disregard for our fish and game laws.

The Wardens have been working with the Aroostook County District Attorney's office on the investigation and more charges are likely to be filed.

If you suspect someone of poaching you're encouraged to report it.